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Basketball Nova Scotia (BNS) has a new Coach Screening Policy as of July, 2020.

All coaches and assistant coaches (new and returning) will be required to complete a Screening Disclosure From. This must be completed annually.
There are also two background checks required by all coaches. Once completed, these two background checks are valid for three years. 


New Coaches:
Please note that these forms only takes minutes to complete, but can take upwards of 4 weeks or longer to process.
Your co-operation and appreciation for time constraints is greatly appreciated.


1) Screening Disclosure Form link (required annually):

Screening Disclosure Form

Please return the completed form to

2) Child Abuse Registry Check (valid for 3 years):  This is a search of the Nova Scotia Child Abuse Registry conducted by the Department of Community Services.  There is no fee associated with this check.

Child Abuse Registry Checks can only be requested by an individual for his or her own name.  The search results will be provided to the individual in the form of a letter which can then be shared electronically with Havoc.

The application for a search of the Child Abuse Register has changed it is now completed online., please click the link below and fill out the form online. Please note you need to have a digital copy of your Canadian Identification to complete the process.

  Child Abuse Register Search

Once received, please send your results to

3) Criminal Records Check, including Vulnerable Sector Check (valid for 3 years): 

This is a search conducted by the RCMP.  They are partnered with myBackCheck to provide an online service.  East Hants Havoc will send you an e-vite to complete the background check through our club's account.  The usual cost is $50 for volunteers but when you use the e-vite sent to you by the Club, the cost is billed to the club.   Once you receive your results, you will need to do two things.  One is to enter the unique serial number which releases the results of the Vulnerable Sector check to your account.  And 2, you need to "share" your results with the Havoc in order for it to be released to us.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Paul Preiss at