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Coaches Guidelines and Requirements

As a coach or assistant coach with the East Hants Basketball Society (EHBS), operating as the East Hants Havoc, it is important that you conduct yourself in a manner that reflects positively on yourself and the organization.
Interactions with your players should be encouraging and supportive. Fair play and fun are the
primary objectives of the EHBS.
Interactions with parents, opposing coaches and players, officials etc. should be respectful at all
Training Requirements
Coaches will be required to complete their NCCP “Learn to Train” or “Train to Train” certification.
EHBS will cover the costs of this course and certification for any of our active coaches who need to complete this training. Sessions are offered by BNS at various times and locations throughout the season. Information regarding these courses can be found at the Basketball Nova Scotia website. Teams are not able to register to participate in Provincials unless they have at least one member of the coaching staff who has achieved this certification.
Background Checks
All EHBS Coaches are required to comply with BNS regulations regarding background checks. Please click here to check out the background check requirements.
Parents and other Volunteers
Coaches are strongly recommended to seek a parent volunteer to act as team manager. This individual can act as a communication manager a nd manage team funds in case of teams that collect funds for tournament travel etc.
Coaches shall insure that there are always two adults in the gym at all times for practices. This can include the coach, assistant coach, and/or a team parent.
EHBS understands that coaching basketball may require some physical contact while demonstrating drills and running those drills. However, coaches must be careful to insure that there is no inappropriate any physical contact with players. Additionally, verbal communication with players must also be appropriate for a coach/player relationship.
EHBS maintains the right to remove any Coach/Assistant Coach from their position in the case of conduct deemed inappropriate by the Board of the EHBS
Conduct During Travel to Away Tournaments
Coaches shall always insure that another adult is in any hotel/motel room where the players are gathered. That is to say that any gathering of players in a hotel room that includes a coach should always include another coach or parent (i.e. team meetings etc.).
During the course of away tournaments players may have time between games where they may enjoy recreational activities as a group. Coaches should insure that parents are available during these times to assist in monitoring the players and take responsibility for their children. Coaches should not feel as though they have to act as babysitters/monitors during these down times.
Teams that participate in tournaments are representing the EHBS and shall conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on themselves and the organization.